“She was gracefully dancing in the waves. She finally understood how you could feel so detached from the world, yet be at one with it.”

This collection came like a wave—a slow build, an expectant wait.
Its creation could be harkened to a perfect storm—an expansive, grand culmination of silver linings in the midst of challenge, blended with romping explorations and soaked up rays of inspiration. As a result these latest pieces—together and individually—have increased intensity, power, and moved gradually beyond the limits of our previous collections. 
So it is like a swell—like the surfer’s anticipation and hope for an oncoming set, waiting to catch temporary insanity, euphoria, freedom. It is in the process that this collection gained its momentum and quality—a conscious focus on the present through every spark of inspiration, every sketch, every pound of the hammer. What is right now, in front of you, makes the waiting all worth it. And it is so worth it.

PHOTOGRAPHY : Jessie Cagliero &
Melody Shirazi | MODEL: Lydia Tachkov
MAKE-UP : Whittany Robinson


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